City on Wheels is an interactive installation on location, a short choreography in which performers, wheelchairs, the location and the audience plays the biggest role. The performance comes from a personal investigation by me, Joop Oonk, into the possibilities and new forms of the wheelchair as an object in the public space.

I work with experts from different angles such as product design, marketing strategy, urban development and visual arts. We play with design, new imaging of the wheelchair and different movement dynamics.

City on Wheels is part of my AFK development budget. It is a personal preliminary investigation into the wheelchair as an object in the public space. The process takes one year and will be presented at a specially designed location in Amsterdam with dancers and new ‘rolling’ objects.

The preliminary research on City on Wheels has already started: the first meeting with the artist, designer and campaign developer was inspiring! That is a good thing too, because there is still a lot to be done, such as: research into the location, the wheelchair design itself, the dancers etc …

In April 2020 we will start building and developing the installation and in the fall we will be 100% ready for it!
Now we are busy with crowdfunding!

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