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Misiconi Dance Company (2013) is a dance company that integrates dancers with and without disabilities. The Company believes that inclusive dance brings exceptional creative opportunities and therefore the aim is to share these through creative learning projects. We seek the common within different bodies. Misiconi is a Dutch company that is based in Rotterdam, however, the company works on national and international scale. Misiconi’s productions are in collaboration with our dancers and under the supervision of the artistic director Joop Oonk.

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Latest work:
Flirt Fantasies
Road Movie
Science of the Heart
#Storyteller Loops
 Ode aan de Plastic Zak 


Unload to Upload – Book & Method 
Unload to Upload is a unique and new training program with live meetings, a book and e-learning components. A solid lesson for dancers and teachers with mixed dance groups.’Unload’ stands for ‘loosening’ of stuck ideas and ‘upload’ for a new vision, adding perspective or another perspective. Everyone of us has a frame of references based on who we are and what we are relative to others. This is formed by education and the environment. Many of our assumptions are incorrect simply because we can not objectivy it. These assumptions or prejudiced opinions make it impossible for us to see what’s happening to us in our working environment.

With Unload to Upload, Misiconi tries to highlight as many new aspects and angles as possible. It’s about getting away from the obvious and looking with a fresh eye that changes the dawn’s future; To get away from stereotypes within dance and to look at the process, the dialogue, to each body and its possibilities.

The Unload to Upload training program is a blended learning system: a mix of online and physical lessons. It consists of a physical education with theoretical substantiation of twelve intensive days, an e-learning pathway and a book. The training can accommodate 24 participants. Unload to Upload approaches the participants from different perspectives. The different parts relate to concrete experienced (feeling), perceiving and obsessing (observing), abstract conceptualization (thinking) and active experimentation (doing).